We're built on

The back2earth movement is made possible through constant evolving partnerships.

We're on a mission

to close the loop

Today society's current system:
Landfill / incineration
Landfill / incineration
back2earth's proposed system:
Recycling food scraps: composting
Recycling of food scraps:
monetary support

Companies that support us

With their generous monetary support, we can establish programs that drive lasting impact.

mentorship / tools

Local organizations

With their hands-on & in-person support, we're able to foster community-based decisions.

Miami, Florida

Become a local partner

Here's how our local partners help us do:

  • Provide us with the right equipment for our local Miami team to handle operations.
  • Help us organize community events when teamwork is much needed.
  • Provide us with hands-on mentorship for long-term vision planning.

Let us know about your organization

Thank you...

back2earth would be very hard to manage and perhaps impossible without the help of these generous partners.